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50th St. Ann Parish Festival!!!


This year is the 50th Anniversary of our St. Ann Festival, which is scheduled for Friday, July 24th and Saturday, July 25th.

Preparations are still underway.  However, if we are not able to have the Festival due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we will still hold the Big Raffle!  For that reason, it is very important that everyone does their part to support our parish by buying or selling as many tickets as you can.  We can still realize financial benefits from the raffle that are desperately needed for our parish operations!

If you are not able to buy the tickets that were sent to you, please return them to the parish office as soon as possible so that someone else can buy or sell those tickets.  You can mail them to the parish office at:  646 Clinton Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio  45015, or you can bring them to the front door on Clinton Avenue and drop them in the mail slot in the front door.  Although the Parish Office is closed to the public the staff is still working on a fairly regular basis. 



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