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All-Parish Meeting Recap

For those if you that missed the parish meeting after the 5:15 mass last Saturday, the general consensus was the we would delay the feasibility study until we can explore alternate building options.  The originally proposed project comes at a cost of approximately $3 million dollars ($3,000,000.00).  An alternative would be to raze the rectory and build a pre-fabricated steel gymnasium in its place, with a brick facade facing Pleasant Avenue.  This building could also be used a multi-purpose facility for various parish functions.  It would be more accessible that our existing structures and it would include bathroom facilities.  The old convent/parish office would remain in place, as-is.  The estimated cost of this option would be approximately 1 million dollars.  If we decide to go that route, we would need to first disconnect the pipe that runs across the parking lot between the church and the school for the boilers.  The heating for the church and the school would then run separately.  This would also then enable us to update the heating and air-conditioning at the school at a future date as well.  We will work with the architect to obtain drawings for this alternate building plan.  We also discussed undertaking this endeavor in stages  - (1)  when we have the money necessary - begin by separating the boilers between the church and the school, then (2) when we have the money available, have the rectory razed; then (3) when we have the money available, build the gymnasium/multi-purpose building.  Once Father has obtained alternate drawings he will have another meeting to determine whether or not we should proceed with a feasibility study at that time.  Check back for further updates!


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