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Kroger Community Rewards for St. Ann

Mar 9, 2018

Did you know that you can support St. Ann every time you shop at Kroger?  If you already participate in the Kroger Community Rewards program for the benefit of St. Ann THANK YOU!  It may be time for you to re-enroll.  If you have never enrolled in this program, there is no time like the present.  This easy fundraiser earns money for St. Ann every time you shop at Kroger, and you don't have to do anything other than make your regular purchases after you enroll.  The enrollment is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Just visit to log on to your Kroger Plus Card account. Scroll down to the bottom of your account summary and click Edit under Community Rewards. In the search box, enter 80202 to find St. Ann Catholic Church, click the circle to select our organization, and then click Enroll at the bottom. St. Ann will then receive quarterly rebates of 1-3% from your purchases! If you previously enrolled in this program, it may be time for you to enroll again. Please follow the instructions above to check the status of your account.


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