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Martha Ministry and the Little Flower Girls Club

If the church looks a little cleaner these days, it’s because a group of very enthusiastic, “seasoned”, young cleaners from the Little Flower Girls Club descended on the church on May 14th.  After proudly donning their pink rubber gloves, they went to work doing things that seldom get done, such as wiping down the kneelers, cleaning the ledge of the marble cove base molding (which, by the way, goes around the entire inside perimeter of the church), and carefully dusting the lattice work on the Confessional doors and the radiator covers, all under the careful supervision of their mothers and/or grandmothers.  The amazing thing is that these girls actually enjoyed these tasks and want to come back and do them again!!!  So the next time the Little Flower Girls Club holds a fundraiser, hopes are that you will give them your support, as a way of saying “Thank You!” for a job well done.


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