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Third Sunday of Lent

Mar 2, 2018


Catholic Ministries Appeal   CMA

St. Ann parishioners have now donated or pledged approximately 32% of our goal.  We are behind many other parishes because we had so much trouble receiving the materials directed to us through the mail.  If you have already pledged or donated, Thank You!  If you have not yet done so or you never received your mailing, please take one of the envelopes at the back of church and make a pledge.  If everyone gives a little, we are sure to reach our goal.   Please join me in this worthy cause.


Pastoral Region Penance Service

St. Ann and Sacred Heart will combine efforts for our annual Lenten Communal Penance Service to take place at Sacred Heart on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00 p.m.   We use  Sacred Heart church for this each year because it has five small confessional rooms surrounding the church for ease of private confession.  We similarly use St. Ann each year for our combined celebration of the Divine Mercy Sunday Chaplet because the St. Ann church configuration and beauty lends itself so well to the celebration.   This combined St. Ann and Sacred Heart opportunity to make a Lenten Confession is open to any Catholic wishing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We will have multiple priests available.  This may be your last chance before Easter to enjoy short lines in front of the confessional.


Lenten Devotions

I will have Stations of the Cross and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Ann on Friday evenings at 7:00 p.m. during Lent (not Good Friday).  I will have Stations of the Cross and Benediction at Sacred Heart each Sunday during Lent at 3:00 p.m.  The Lay Presiders (lay men and women) of Sacred Heart will also have Stations of the Cross (without benediction) at Sacred Heart on the Fridays of Lent (not Good Friday) at 7:00 p.m.


Vacation Bible School

One of the highlights of the summer for me is the one week Vacation Bible School at St. Ann.  This year Sacred Heart will join St. Ann in our Pastoral Region VBS to take place at St. Ann.  I am looking for Virtus trained and approved volunteers who will help with this joint program.  I am asking parents from Sacred Heart and St. Ann to consider this your “home parish” Vacation Bible School.  If you have not been Virtus approved, we will provide plenty of opportunities locally.  For additional information, see notices in this bulletin.


Daylight Savings Time Returns

Remember to “spring forward” next Saturday night as we lose an hour to return to daylight savings time.



Reflection on Scripture

Why did Jesus chase the “money changers” and those “selling animals” for sacrifice out of the Temple?   Did Jesus not approve of capitalism?  Some have proposed this interpretation, but it is not biblically supported.  Money changers exchanged Roman coins for Jewish shekels.  Roman coins used everywhere else had an image of Caesar or someone else on them.  Jewish Law forbad graven images, especially in the Holy Temple.  Shekels were just silver without an image.  They could be used within the temple without causing scandal.  The money changers were known for increasing the exchange rate so as to profit excessively at the expense of the pilgrims coming to the Temple.  Those selling animals for sacrifice similarly inflated their prices to take advantage of the pilgrims from out of town.  Jesus was angry with them because they were cheating and taking advantage of people for their own gain.


God has blessed our nation with the highest standard of living in the world.  If we are fair and equitable in our business practices, God is no doubt pleased.  If we cheat, steal, or rob the innocent, Jesus will meet us on judgment day with his whip of cords.


Readings for the Fourth Sunday in Lent

2 Chr 36:14-16, 19-23

Eph 2:4-10

Jn 3:14-21


Theme: John 3:16  “God so loved the world….”






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