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Fifth Sunday of Lent

Mar 28, 2017

New Brass Altar Candles

You may have noticed the two new brass altar candles next to the Altar of Sacrifice.  These were purchased with funds from two special families who wish to remain anonymous.  Because of their generosity, we also have a beautiful new Easter Candle holder.  Even though I can’t tell you who the donors are, please say a little prayer of thanksgiving to God for these donors, and ask God to bless them for their generosity. 


Pastoral Region Lenten Penance Service on April 5

The St. Ann / Sacred Heart Pastoral Region Penance Services for Lent will take place on Wednesday, April 5 at 7:00 p.m. at Sacred Heart Church.  Six priests will be available to hear confessions.  This will be your last and best chance this Lenten Season to go to Confession when there are not long lines.


No Confessions on Tuesday, April 11!

As the Dean of the Hamilton Deanery and as a priest of the Archdiocese, I am obligated to attend the Chrism Mass on Tuesday Evening  (April 11) of Holy Week.  There will be NO CONFESSIONS at Sacred Heart on Tuesday evening of Holy Week.


Dead Line for Open Listing of Two Employment Positions at St. Ann!

The postmark deadline for the two positions is Monday, April 10, 2017.   Resumes with a postmark subsequent to this date will be ineligible for consideration. 


Position One is titled “Business Manager with Clerical Responsibilities” and Position Two is titled “Receptionist with Data Entry and Secretarial Responsibilities.”  These job descriptions are posted in St. Ann’s Bulletin and Website as well as Sacred Heart Bulletin and Website.  Resumes and applications should be mailed to “St. Ann Church in Hamilton, Ohio.”


Lenten Services

St. Ann:  Stations of the Cross and Benediction Friday Evenings (7:00 p.m.), April 7, but not on Good Friday.  The traditional Good Friday Service will take place on April 14 at St. Ann at 7:00 p.m.


Sacred Heart:  Stations of the Cross and benediction Sunday afternoon (today) April 2.  NO stations on Palm Sunday afternoon because the Passion was already read at all the Sunday Masses.


The Holy Week Schedule will appear in next Sunday’s Bulletin.



St. Ann is at 90.69 % of goal for the 2017 CMA.  Just a few more small gifts and we will reach goal.  Thanks to all who have donated thus far.  About 25% of the parishioners have brought us to 90% of pledges.  If another 25% could give just a small pledge, we would reach our goal.  Remember that after we reach our goal, gifts after goal is achieved are shared proportionately as rebates to St. Ann.


Reflection on Scripture

“Lazarus, Come out!”  With these words, Jesus does the impossible.  According to Jewish tradition, the dead were to be buried before sundown.  Thus when it says Lazarus was in the tomb for four days, according to Jewish tradition after three days in the tomb he was certainly dead.  Even if one were buried in a deep coma which mimicked death, the bindings over the mouth and chest would mean certain suffocation.  In Jewish thought, if you were dead and in the tomb for at least three days, there was no hope of life.


So why is it that Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead before his own death on the cross and resurrection on Easter?  The answer is that John is telling the early Church that Jesus is the fulfillment of resurrection.  This fulfillment for John takes place when Jesus dies on the cross.  Easter morning is simply the logical conclusion of the passion and death of Jesus.  Jesus does not just come to show us the resurrection.  He IS the resurrection!  


Readings for Palm Sunday

Is 50:4-7

Phil 2:6-11

Mt 26:14-27:66

Theme:   The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ



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