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Fourth Sunday of Easter

First Communion


St. Ann will celebrate First Holy Communion on the afternoon of April 29.  Sacred Heart will celebrate individual First Communions at weekend Masses on May 5 & 6, and Group First Communion on May 6.  Let us pray for our young people as they first come to fully participate at the table of the Lord.


Saint Vincent De Paul Fifth Sunday


The Saint Vincent De Paul Societies of Sacred Heart and St. Ann have merged some time ago into one group serving our Pastoral Region.  Each “fifth Sunday” during the year (April 29 is a “fifth” Sunday), members of the SVDP will be present at each Mass to collect at the doors of Church to support their work with the poor and needy in our region.  These volunteers are inspiring in their dedication.  Please participate in their good work by your support and prayers.  As you see them at the doors, please give them a word of encouragement and thanks.


Gift Card Sales


Gift cards are sold both at Sacred Heart and St. Ann for the benefit of each respective school.  Purchasing a $25 dollar gift card costs you $25.  The companies sell these gift cards to the churches at a discount.  The volunteers sell them to you at face value, and in each case, the earnings go to the schools, either through the PTS at Sacred Heart, or directly into the fund used for the school at St. Ann.  This is “free money” for both parish schools.  If you know you are going to spend “x” number of dollars at a particular vendor; why not pay for it with a gift card and help direct this “free money” to your respective school.


Vacation Bible School


This year Sacred Heart will join St. Ann in our Pastoral Region Vacation Bible School to take place at St. Ann.  I am looking for interested teen volunteers and Virtus trained and approved adult volunteers who will help with this joint program.  I am asking adult and teen volunteers from Sacred Heart and St. Ann to consider this your “home parish” Vacation Bible School.  If you have not been Virtus approved, we will provide plenty of opportunities locally.  For additional information, see notices in this bulletin.


Reflection on Scripture


The image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is one of my favorite scriptural images.  A rancher “drives” cattle; but a shepherd “herds” sheep.   The shepherd calls the sheep and they follow him.   When confronted with a wolf (or a dog they think is a wolf) sheep will run in panic.   But the shepherd will defend the sheep with his own life.   


Jesus Christ is the revelation of God.  Some promote images of God that are wrathful and vindictive.  Jesus cancels out these images.  1 John says, “God is love…!”   The love of Jesus calls us together into church.  The love of Jesus gives hope to the sinner.  We follow Jesus call because we trust him.  We trust Jesus just like the sheep trust their shepherd.  Humans cannot function as a society without trust.  We celebrate that Jesus gives us the one certainty in which we can trust. 


Readings for Fifth Sunday of Easter


Acts 9:26-31

1 John 3:18-24

John 15:1-8


Theme:  “I am the vine, you are the branches.”






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