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July 7, 2024 - 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis July 17 through21


I invite you to type into your favorite search engine the “National Eucharistic Congress” set in place for this July17 through 21 in Indianapolis.  If you are like me, you cannot take time off from work or obligations to attend, but simply inform yourself of the effort to make the most Holy Sacrament left to us by Jesus the foundation to rebuild the Church in America into a living evangelical force by the power of the Blessed Sacrament.  Many musicians have returned to their roots so as to be inspired to write their greatest symphony.  As Catholics, let us use this congress to return to our rootedness in the Eucharist, so we can go out into the world and unashamedly profess Jesus Christ.


Beacons of Light: Phase Two:  “Envisioning”


This week I again ask the question: “As the Family of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, how do we amalgamate the unique Eucharistic traditions of St. Ann and Sacred Heart so that the combination does not erase their distinctiveness, but emerges with new vigor and resourcefulness?”   As always, I invite your email comments and observations. 




I keep running this article because there are new scams everyday


Remember I NEVER solicit funds, donations, favors, or any request of any kind over the telephone, text, email, carrier pigeon, drone, etc.   NEVER!  Do not allow yourself to be taken in by scammers.  Even if they have my recorded voice, be assured it is computer generated fake!  It is not me!!!  


Reminder for volunteers who work with or around children


Please be aware that failure to register with and complete the requirements of Safe Parish will result in your inability to continue to work with or around children in any parish and/or school setting.  We have been informed by the Archdiocese that there can be NO EXCEPTIONS.


Live Streaming for Precept Masses


Please remember to access the Sacred Heart / St. Ann Pastoral Region You Tube site by clicking on the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVLLqbEY5hKWinwz069MVcg


Reflection on Scripture:


People love to speculate regarding a baby’s future.  You will hear them say things like, “Look at the size of his feet!  He will definitely grow up to be an athlete.”  They will fixate on some aptitude the child seems to possess and articulate their prophesy of his or her probabilities of achievement for the future.  People enjoy pondering possibilities; and this is all fine and good unless we begin to create a self-fulfilling prophecy with a narrative that restricts the possibilities and options.  When this happens, we restrict the options offered to the child based on our preconceived notions. 


This is essentially what happened to Jesus when he returned home after beginning his public ministry.  People were impressed with his eloquence, and amazed at his rabbinic insights.  So instead of saying, ”Wow, look what he has become!”   They rather gawked at him in jealousy and said, “Well he is simply a carpenter’s son.  He is absorbed with his own bravado.”   The story recounts that Jesus was so hurt by their negativity that he spent little time there and abandoned them in antipathy.   Negativity is a disease spawned by human insufficiency.  When a person becomes aware of his or her own deficiencies, the persons sometimes seek to repair their own self-image by demeaning the other.  If the “good news” the prophet proclaims is too good, they may even hang him on a cross to die. 


Please understand that this is not an advertisement for naiveté.  The world abuses such people’s good nature and confines them in the prison of the foolish.  The world treat’s them as “marks” ripe for the harvest of those who are “slick.”   No, I am simply saying that “hope” is practical.  Jesus Christ offers us hope.  Those who would rather discourage then encourage are ripe to ridicule hope.  It exposes their lack of potential. 


Jesus came back to his home town to offer hope; but relatives and friends would not hear of it.  Jesus did not let them stop him.  Rather he gave hope to the world.  The evil in this world loves to use the weapon of intimidation and ridicule to restrict our enthusiasm for the Lord.  Jesus ignored the naysayers.   Are you enthused by the Word of God?  Don’t let the world put you down.  Be lifted up by the certainty of God’s grace and the repository of hope in Jesus Christ.   It is true that those who deal in hopelessness are more comfortable in their own self-made “hell” of negativity.  Don’t settle for their invitation to mediocrity.  Hope is ever new in Jesus Christ.


NEXT SUNDAY:  Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Am 7:12-15

Eph 1:3-14

Mk 6:7-13


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