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June 6, 2021 - The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Masks in Church are Optional after June 2


As of last Wednesday, the Governor has released us from mandatory mask mandates previously enacted under public health and safety guidelines.  Those who are not yet vaccinated or immune are encouraged to socially space in the sections provided and continue to wear a mask if you feel unsafe or in compromised health. 


Now that the “masking” requirements have been lifted, it is important that we all respect each other’s health and medical precautions.  Some may choose to wear a mask at church if they feel at risk.  Some may choose to continue to wear a face shield.  In all things, take the precautions that you find self-assuring; and try to reasonable accommodate other’s sensitivities.  We will try to keep hand sanitizer readily available. 


The Worship Office of the Archdiocese has informed me that they are still recommending against the resumption of communion under both species.  It may be a while yet before this is re-instated. 


Dispensation from Precept Mass has ended


Beginning June 6 (the Feast of Corpus Christi) the Archbishop has reinstating the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.  The law of the Church has always been that those with special medical challenges or obstacles are exempt from the obligation; but during the pandemic the Bishops of Ohio extended this exemption to all fearful of the Corona Virus.  The dispensation for the general public has now been revoked.


Beacons of Light


The future planning process to determine the changes in parish organization structure of the entire Archdiocese of Cincinnati (to be implemented on or before 2025) continues to move forward.  Please reference the Beacons of Light web page at:    Another option is to type “Beacons of Light” into your favorite search engine.  It is expected that the beginnings of the discussions with the general parishioner population of the Archdiocese will begin this Fall. 


I encourage everyone to check this website out now and frequently as the process moves forward; and pray for this important initiative. 


Live Streaming a precept Mass from St. Ann and Sacred Heart each week 


Even though the dispensation for the precept of Sunday Mass attendance has now been revoked,  live streaming will continue for the sick, shut-ins, and others unable to come to Mass.  Please remember to access the Sacred Heart / St. Ann Pastoral Region You Tube site by clicking on the following link:


Reflection on Scripture:


The Feast of Corpus Christi primarily is a celebration of the doctrine of the Eucharist rather than a simple reflection on the historical event when the institution of the Most Holy Eucharist took place at the Last Supper.  The full Latin name of the celebration is : “Dies Sanctissimi Corporis et Sanguinis Domini Iesu Christi.”   The feast was established in the 13th century to allow the Church to celebrate the “real presence.”   St. Thomas Aquinas not only used the Aristotelian philosophical concepts of substance and accidents to articulate “transubstantiation”  (substance changes but appearance remains) but he used his poetic talent to create musical expressions of faith that are used to this very day. 


The prayer the priest says privately immediately before he consumes the host is “Corpus Christi custodiat me in vitam aternam.”   Translated: “May the body of Christ bring me to everlasting life.”  Through the mystery of the Eucharist, we become what we consume.  The bread and wine become the Body and Blood; Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.  Through the reception of Holy Communion, we (the recipients) become the Mystical Body of Christ; the Church.  May the mystery always inspire us.


Next Week11th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Ez 17:22-24

2 Cor 5:6-10

Mk 4:26-34


Theme:  The explanation of the Kingdom of God by analogy.



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