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September 19, 2021 - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Next Sunday:  Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time   Celebrant :  Fr. Williams

New Letter from Archbishop Schnurr


Copies of Archbishop Schnurr’s letter dated September 17 are available at the doors of church.  This new letter explains the opportunity every parishioner has to offer feedback to the Archdiocese regarding the reveal of the “Family” groupings of parishes to be made public on October 1, 2021.  Please take a copy of the letter so you have the precise procedure for offering your reaction to the plan after it is revealed on October 1.


Please reference the Beacons of Light web page for the most up-to-date information at:  


BEACONS UPDATE: BE HEARD, STAY INFORMED, SIGN UP - To stay on top of the latest developments on Beacons of Light, the archdiocese-wide pastoral planning process currently underway, sign up for the free monthly Beacons Update newsletter at  


Attention parish or school volunteers who work with or around children


Are you aware that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has moved all parishes and schools from using the “Virtus” Child Protection program to the “Safe Parish” program?   If you are a volunteer classroom parent in the school, a coach, drama club volunteer, scout volunteer, etc  please note that you should have received new content via your email.  Fulfillment of this requirement is mandatory for anyone working with children.  Please contact your parish safe environment coordination if you are uncertain whether you are registered or approved. 


As we have returned to school and fall programs ramp up, please be aware that failure to register with and complete the requirements of Safe Parish will result in your inability to continue to work with or around children in any parish and/or school setting.  We have been informed by the Archdiocese that there can be NO EXCEPTIONS.


Live Streaming a precept Mass from St. Ann and Sacred Heart each week

I apologize that the internet was inaccessible at St. Ann last Saturday at 5:15 p.m. Therefore there could be no lived stream Saturday 5:15 p.m. Mass last weekend.  (We did have the 4:00 p.m. from Sacred Heart.)  Because we do this on Saturday, I often do not realize that the internet is down until it is time for Mass.  I cannot delay Mass in order to trouble shoot the internet connection.  Since we live stream both the 4:00 p.m. at Sacred Heart and the 5:15 p.m. at St. Ann; we usually manage to live stream both, but on rare occasions the internet is out at one or the other location.

Please remember to access the Sacred Heart / St. Ann Pastoral Region You Tube site by clicking on the following link:

Reflection on Scripture:


Jesus uses the acquiescence of a child to visualize the humility necessary for every Christian person.  In Sacramental theology found in Vatican II and other sources, the priest is said to operate “in persona Christi.”  In truth, anytime we are called to humility, we are called to emulate Jesus.  The humility of Jesus is articulated in the “Kenotic passage” in Philippians.  The humility of Jesus is brought to crescendo in the crucifixion.  The humble birth of Jesus is emphasized in the infancy narrative in Luke.  Jesus is the archetype of divine humility.


This “emptying” (kenosis in Greek) however is the abandonment of the social trappings of superiority, not to be associated with ontological inferiority.  We do not humble ourselves to come down to someone’s level; rather we humble ourselves so we can lift them up. 



Next Week:  Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Nm 11:25-29

Jas 5:1-6

Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47-48


Theme:   Hyperbolic symbolism!




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