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Sixth Sunday of Easter

From the Desk of Father Tharp

Sunday Morning Masses     May 13, 2018          Celebrant: Fr. Artysiewicz     



Nota Bene:


Fr. Schmitz is unavailable Sunday, May 13 and Sunday, May 27.  It is very difficult to find a priest comfortable with three Masses in a row at Sacred Heart, so we will utilize guest priests at St. Ann on the two Sundays.  It is much easier to get a celebrant who will do two Masses in a row, rather than three.  This seems the most reasonable solution.


Feast of the Ascension moved to Sunday, May 13


Forty days after Easter this year is Thursday, May 10; but the Feast of the Ascension is not celebrated that day but by the determination of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops may be moved to the following Sunday, May 13.  Thus, in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and most dioceses in the U.S. the Ascension of the Lord will be celebrated on Sunday, May 13.


May Marian Devotion


On Thursday, May 10 at 6:30 p.m. a May Marian Devotion will be held at Sacred Heart.  This will include procession with the Statue of the BVM around the outside of the church, culminating with Marian hymns and presentation of flowers to the BVM during the devotion.  Any First Communicant from our Pastoral region (i.e. either Sacred Heart or St. Ann) may come in their First Communion attire and join the procession and devotion.  Ice Cream will be served after the devotion.   All from St. Ann and Sacred Heart or any adjacent parishes are welcome. 


Gift Card Sales


Gift cards are sold both at Sacred Heart and St. Ann for the benefit of each respective school.  Purchasing a $25 dollar gift card costs you $25.  The companies sell these gift cards to the churches at a discount.  The volunteers sell them to you at face value, and in each case, the earnings go to the schools, either through the PTS at Sacred Heart, or directly into the fund used for the school at St. Ann.  This is “free money” for both parish schools.  If you know you are going to spend “x” number of dollars at a particular vendor; why not pay for it with a gift card and help direct this “free money” to your respective school.


Vacation Bible School


This year Sacred Heart will join St. Ann in our Pastoral Region Vacation Bible School to take place at St. Ann.  We are now looking for interested teen volunteers who will help with this joint program.  I am asking teen volunteers from Sacred Heart and St. Ann to consider this your “home parish” Vacation Bible School   For additional information, see notices in this bulletin.


Reflection on Scripture


“It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you, and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name he may give you.”   Is Jesus promising that we get or receive anything we request?  No, if that were the case we would all be driving a Lamborghini and we would all have a gold mine in our back yard.  Rather, Jesus is offering us the certainty of knowing our destination.  Have you ever been on a commercial jet when the pilot announces that the destination is not the city to which you intend to travel?  I have, and it is disruptive to passenger comfort and calm.  A second later, when he corrects himself, there is a sigh of relief. 


Jesus gives us his word that we are on the way to eternal life with him not as slaves but as his friends.  And because we don’t have to worry about the destination, we can enjoy the flight.  Although there is certain to be turbulent weather along the way, and we may be called to face persecution and perhaps self-sacrifice, Jesus promises that we will be secure in the graces of the Holy Spirit throughout the journey.  And remember, when you travel with Jesus, all the seating is first class.


Readings for Feast of the Ascension


Acts 1:1-11

Eph 1:17-23

Mark 16:15-20


Theme:  “…and you will be my witnesses … the ends of the earth.”













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