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The Most Holy Trinity

Pre-Baptism Class for Infant Baptisms

Are you anticipating your first infant baptism at St. Ann or Sacred Heart?  I have the Infant Pre-Baptism Workshop every second Monday of each month in the basement room RH 2&3 at Sacred Heart Church at 8:00 p.m.   The entire session takes about forty five minutes.  If you already attended my workshop for a recent baptism, or if you have attended the workshop recently at another parish, there is no need to repeat the class.  No need to register for this, simply show up by 8:00 p.m. Monday, May 8 at Sacred Heart and come to the basement room RH 2&3.  This is the workshop for both St. Ann and Sacred Heart, but obviously I have to have it in one location.

Please Remember

This is just a reminder that all active priests of the Archdiocese are required to attend the convocation in Columbus from June 19 to June 22.  There will be no availability for morning Masses or even Funeral Masses on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday June 20-22.  I have made provision at each parish for a communion service each day.  Funerals will of necessity be delayed.

Fr. Adam named Pastor of Adams County Parishes

I am pleased to announce that it is official.  As Dean of the
Hamilton Deanery I have received a copy of the appointment by the Archbishop of Fr. Adam Puntel as pastor of St. Mary Queen of Heaven, Peebles and Holy Trinity, West Union.  I am very sorry to lose Fr. Adam as our Sunday Celebrant, but I am also grateful for the time he shared his ministry with us.  He is a very good man and a very good priest.  I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit will work through him to produce great things in Adams County.  Please support him with your prayers.

St. Ann will host a going away reception from Fr. Adam after the 11:00 a.m. Mass at St. Ann on June 18.  Sacred Heart will do the same on June 25.  More specifics will be available in next week’s bulletin.

Sunday Celebrant for St. Ann and Sacred Heart

I have spoken to an old friend of mine from seminary days who recently retired.  He was ordained two years before me in 1975.  He has indicated to me via the telephone that he is willing to help us keep the existing Sunday Mass schedule at St. Ann and Sacred Heart.  Nothing is official as yet, but it seems we may have a solution for the loss of Fr. Adam.  More information will follow as plans are formalized through Bishop Binzer.

Reflection on Scripture

The Feast of the Most Holy Trinity has been on the calendar of the western Church since the fourteenth century.  Some say it is a response to the error found in the Arian heresy.  Others contend that it confirmed the creed from Nicaea.  Of course the doctrine of the Trinity has existed in the Church since Jesus revealed it.

The Trinity is a mystery because it seeks to explain the inexplicable.  God is so much bigger than our human minds can comprehend, that the only way to express the revelation of the Trinity by Jesus is to admit the inability to understand and yet the ability to revel in the mystery.  Science seeks to know.  Mystery seeks to appreciate.  Let’s appreciate what we cannot know!

Readings for the Feast of Corpus Christi

Dt 8:2-3, 14b-16a

1 Cor 10:16-17

Jn 6:51-58

Theme:   Mystical Body of Christ



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