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Next Week Sunday Morning Masses     November 10, 2019        Celebrant: Fr. Tharp

Maintenance Man at St. Ann

 Please be advised that applications for the position of maintenance man at St. Ann will be suspended as of Tuesday, November 5.  If you wish to apply for this position, please submit your resume to the parish office before midnight November 5. 

 New Year’s Eve Split the Pot

As we approach Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season, it is important to remember that interest in “split the pot” increases as tickets are sold and the “pot” increases.  When bingo proved to require too many volunteer hours to generate too small an amount, we established the “Split the Pot” as a less volunteer demanding source of revenue for the parish and school.   You help St. Ann as well as give yourself a chance for wealth every time you purchase a ticket.  You bring new dollars to St. Ann every time you pester your friends, co-workers, distant relatives, and others to take a chance in the St. Ann Split the Pot. 

Remember the Open Forum

Tonight, Sunday November 3 at Sacred Heart at 7:00 p.m. we will conclude the Sunday Night Series for Adult Education with an “Open Forum Discussion.”   I will be happy to offer my perspective and hear yours on any of the topics in the recent series or on any church related topic.  I know this cannot compete with the Patriots and Ravens, but it is an opportunity to experience one old priest who knows so little going on about so much.

Reflection on Scripture

God never throws away a soul made in his image and likeness.  And yet God’s reluctance to discard the imperfect stands in contrast to our disposable society.  Production costs have decreased while labor costs have increased; so much so that it is far more efficient and cheaper to use an application one time and then discard it, replacing it with an entirely new component.  Except for large truck applications, you never hear of retreaded tires anymore.  Rather, you buy the radial tire, wear the tread off of it and then discard it.  Many mechanical components are what is referred to as “black boxed” so that you cannot secure parts to repair the mechanical component, but must buy the entire component new.  The labor cost associated with repair makes disposal and installation of the new component more efficient than repairing it. 

The scriptures today tell us that God never throws away a soul made in his image and likeness.  God does not practice “discard and replace” because each soul is eternal and precious to him.  God would rather take the inefficient route and invest himself into a fallen world to save souls from their sins, and repair them for eternal life.  This is precisely what he does in Jesus Christ.  This is precisely what he calls us to do in our interaction with other souls like us. 

Next Weekend: Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


2 Mc 7:1-2, 9-14

2 Tm 2:16-3:5

Luke 20:27-38


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