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Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Oct 6, 2017

Pre-Baptism Class for Infant Baptisms

Are you anticipating your first infant baptism at St. Ann or Sacred Heart?  I have the Infant Pre-Baptism Workshop every second Monday of each month in the basement room RH 2&3 at Sacred Heart Church at 8:00 p.m.   The entire session takes about forty five minutes.  If you already attended my workshop for a recent baptism, or if you have attended the workshop recently at another parish, there is no need to repeat the class.  No need to register for this, simply show up by 8:00 p.m. Monday, October 9 at Sacred Heart and come to the basement room RH 2&3.  This is the workshop for both St. Ann and Sacred Heart, but obviously I have to have it in one location.


St. Ann Future Project

I am still in the process of securing “per square foot” cost estimates from the architect and other sources not only for a slab on grade commercial construction masonry building, but also for steel structures.  I am also securing information from professionals regard the cost of a professional financial feasibility study.  I will present all this information to the parish at a general meeting before we schedule the sending of the ballots through the mail for the parish vote.  I hope to announce the day and time for the general meeting as soon as I have all the data.


Fr. Tharp away on Tuesday Afternoons

For the past eight years, I have been given the opportunity to teach a class at the Seminary on Pastoral Administration.  I teach a three hour class once each Tuesday afternoon between now and Christmas.  Therefore, from now until Christmas, I will be unavailable by telephone and out of my office on Tuesday afternoons. 


Reflection on Scripture

The parable of the landowner and his vineyard points out what an old friend of mine used to say: “God owns the bat, the ball, the bases, the plate, the park, and God makes the rules.”  In other words, God is omnipotent and Lord of all that exists. 


In the parable of the landowner, All the landowner wants from his tenant farmers is his return on investment.; his fair share.  But they do not respect the messengers.  Thus he sends his son, as he feels they will surely respect him.  Of course they kill the son with a mind toward taking the entire property.  Clearly the tenants will be replaced with tenants who will act justly.  So it will be for the followers of Christ.  We owe God a return on His investment.  Are we paying in due season or are we running a tab?


Readings for the Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Is 25:6-10a

Phil 4:12-14, 19-20

Mt 22:1-14


Theme: The “wedding fashion police.”




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